Hand Acting.

It’s totally a thing, you guys.  And it has allowed me to travel all over the world.  (Well, maybe not all over the WORLD, but at least all over the continent.)  As a puppeteer, I’ve had the pleasure of stuffing my arm into the Muppets of Sesame Street in New York, cuddly Disney Channel characters in California, Chuck E. Cheese puppets in Texas, Super Simple monsters in Toronto, and many other critters in many other cities in between.

Wanna see what I mean?  Never fear!  My puppet reel is here.  For a good time, click play:



Say Cheese!

And now it’s time for a smattering of the least unflattering photos I could find of myself (courtesy of Google and Instagram and the depths of the hard drive on my computer).  I formatted the pictures into a slide show because everyone loves a slide show:



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