Hand Acting

It’s totally a thing, y’all, and I’ve had the fun of wigglin’ puppets of all shapes and sizes for a variety of projects.  Most recently, I played the roles of Wrench Doozer, Jamdolin, and Pa Gorg (the body portion, that is) on Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock.  I’ve also worked with the Muppets of Sesame Street in New York, food fanatical Waffles + Mochi puppets in California, Chuck E. Cheese characters in Texas, Super Simple monsters in Toronto, and many other critters in many other cities in between.  Puppetry is truly a globe trottin’ enterprise.

Wanna see what I mean?  Never fear!  My (marginally outdated) puppet reel is here.  For a good time, click play.

Say Cheese

And now it’s time for a smattering of photos of me wigglin’ the dolls.  I formatted the pictures into a slide show because everyone loves a slide show.

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